Lochiel Park Green Village South Australia

Our house, Block 59, in Lochiel Park will be available for long term rental starting March 2010 - contact us @ jerseyweekly@yahoo.com
 phone: (+011 from Australia) 5183161026 (Terrell ) 518361025 (Narda)
We will be in Adelaide in March 2010 for two weeks)
Photos our photos pre-building (August 07, 2007), Most Recent Photos: August 2009 (pouring our foundations), April & May 2009, September 2008, August 03, 08, June 08, December 15, 07)
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We bought a block (August 2007). It borders the Torrens River. Lochiel Park is one of the first totally green built developments in Australia. It will use fewer natural resources and have drain collections and filters for storm water to water the forests and flush toilets. We hope to have our new house completed by the end of 2008- of course it is now well into 2009 and not a thing has been done on our property.. It is in Campbelltown near Adelaide South Australia. The block we bought has a large gum tree over shadowing it which will be a good view from the balcony. As with all new developments of this type it will have fitness trails, walks, parks native grass meadows an irrigated grass oval and wetlands. Lochiel Park is an initiative of the Government of South Australia, incorporating leading edge ecological technologies (ESD) into everyday life. Green house
We are building the Charter House by Hickinbotham, Green House 01, designed by the Australian designer, Max Pritchard.

Expected move in availability is December 2008. Well that is not going to happen.

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Today working on picture poem links starting around "better" (August 15, 2013). Picture poems are the digital format of work I did as a street artist in New Orleans in the 1970s, as well as New York City, Honolulu, San Francisco and Adelaide South Australia. Follow @neuage